Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yesterday's post. It's late!

Ravings: So I took an unexpected holiday. I was scheduled to watch my nieces for the last 4 days, picking them up after school on Thursday evening to start, but I wake up Thursday morning to a text from my sister saying that the 5 year old (We call her P2) is sick. I immediately call my sister, who is in the process of cancelling her trip. I talk her out of it, and head over to stay with my niece for the day. Thankfully, I have tons of time off. One of the benefits of working for a non-profit! I spend all day Thursday laying in bed watching Barbie movies. They are actually not as bad as you would expect. Don’t rush out to snatch one up, but being forced to watch them wasn’t the torture I was expecting. By Friday she was feeling better and we were able to maintain our Saturday plans for Build-a-Bear and a movie. We did skip lunch out as I wasn’t sure she was ready. They were fine with PB&J, since they were excited to set up their Build-a-Bear habitats at home. We took them for walks and bike rides, and to the pretend vet. There was even a play with a sick princess (she had pneumonia and cancer, gotta love the imagination), and a good fairy who could cure the cancer by making the princess have bad dreams. It was all very entertaining….and exhausting.

So when my sister and her husband arrived home yesterday evening to a grand celebration with welcome home banners and tons of hugs and kisses, I had mixed emotions about leaving. While I really missed my husband and wanted to sleep in my own bed, I loved being with them. I cried a bit on my drive home and couldn’t really pinpoint why. Was it about missing them and our time together ending or was it that I was feeling that old grief coming to the surface again? Probably a little of both. I just hate when it hits me on the highway!

Cravings: I vaguely recall having a life before this weekend, and I’m fairly certain it didn’t involve PB&J sandwiches, chicken nuggets, frozen peas (yes, they eat just a bowl of peas, still frozen!), or any unidentifiable sticky substance that just seems to appear out of nowhere. I miss my kitchen!!!

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