Thursday, January 26, 2012


Ravings: One of the side effects of missing a week of work is that you are completely swamped, I would even dare to say drowning, when you return. And thus has been my week. I didn’t have time to post or even write yesterday, and I ate crackers for lunch because I was so busy. We all know it’s desperate if I’m eating crackers for lunch!

Jason and I went out for dinner last night, which sounds awesome. But it wasn’t. We had been hoping to get some time for a real date night and that just didn’t seem to be happening and since yesterday was such a stressful day at work, I decided that was a good night to go out to dinner. Notice I said “I” decided. I tried to call Jason at work, but he was also swamped and didn’t see that I called. He ended up staying late at work while I sat on the couch in an almost vegetative state waiting as patiently as I was capable with my stomach screaming at me. The crackers only lasted an hour, so I was starving by 3pm. He got home just before 6pm, so we headed straight out. I had decided I wanted Bonefish, which isn’t too far from our house so we arrived in the parking lot by about 6:15. There is an Outback next door to Bonefish so we had that option too. The buildings are actually attached and they share one big parking lot, which we drove around desperately seeking a parking spot. There was not one single spot available. And I was in no mood to wait and getting crankier by the minute. So we headed across the street to Winking Lizard, which has a bit smaller of a parking lot, but still fairly substantial. It too, was completely full. There were even cars parked in non-spaces!

I was driving so I couldn’t go completely bat-shit, at least not outwardly. I did wonder aloud if ANYONE was eating at home on a random Wednesday night. If I was at all paranoid, it would have been super easy to convince me that this was a conspiracy. Everyone in a 50 mile radius has created a phone chain to block me from dining out. It could happen! I was that crazy in the moment. I was also pissed at every single one of them and would have stopped to wreak some trecherous revenge on all of them, but I so desperately needed food that I couldn't be bothered with conjuring up some appropriate consequence for blocking my date night.

We had passed a new Irish pub on the way and knew that its parking lot was also jam packed. I wonder now if that should have tipped me off. But remember I was starving. Starvation does bad things to your ability to think rationally. So we ended up at a local Mexican place, Cozumel. I think Jason was afraid of what would happen next and threw out the first suggestion that popped in his mind. I don't blame him, really. I had the crazy eyes going on. The food is good, but it just wasn’t what I wanted and I ended up eating two baskets of chips and salsa. I am so not counting this as date night!

Cravings: Since I didn’t cook last night but I hadn’t posted the day before I still have a recipe to share. This is what we had for dinner Tuesday night. I had intended to make a edamame salad with it, but I got distracted and we ended up with just the sandwiches. I think it was the smell of cooking bacon. MMMMM bacon! See, distracted again. As you know I’ve been trying to incorporate more fish, so I splurged on some smoked salmon, which I love but Jason said was just ok. I think he got distracted by the bacon too though and would have just eaten that if I’d let him. Anyway, (see what bacon does to you) I made Smoked Salmon BLT’s. They were so yummy!

Smoked Salmon BLT’s

Sliced Tomato
Lettuce (we used arugula)
Crème Fraiche (you could just use mayo or cream cheese, but I had this on hand)
Bread (we used Ezekiel bread)

I cook my bacon in the oven. Just cover a baking sheet with aluminum foil, lay the pieces out and cook at 350 for about 15-20 minutes until it’s browned and crispy. Toast the bread and assemble.

Confession time: We each at two sandwiches. I regretted it later but it was so good I couldn't help myself.

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