Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome to the Land of Bitter!

It’s Wed and I’m sitting down to eat my lunch. My intention was to write a recap of the last 2 days, but first I need to vent. I just went into the cafeteria to warm up my lunch of rice and veggies, with a side of organic pear and cheddar cheese, and I encounter another woman warming up her lunch. Normally, I don’t care what other people eat and I’m used to being made fun of for my restrictive whole organic food diet, but it’s one of those moments that strikes me and sends me to bitter land. She’s heating up a plate of mini pretzel dogs and has a can of coke sitting next to the box! Bad enough, right? Here’s where I go to bitter! She’s like 5 months pregnant!! I know, I know. Time to let it go. There’s more that makes me angry about the situation, but I can’t go to the bitter AND judgmental place. I’ll just stay here in bitter land while I eat my pear!

On to the recap: Monday was a blur of working. I hate those days when I am working 2 jobs and there is that awkward amount of time in between. It’s not really enough time to go home and do anything productive, other than maybe irritate Shadow and use the bathroom, but its way too much time to head straight to the appointment. So you are left with going early and wasting time, which is what I did. It worked out well though because I’ve been playing phone tag with my sister-in-law and I was able to have an actual conversation with her and get caught up, so ended up being time well spent.

It was about 9:30 when I got home, starving and exhausted, and walked in the house to find my kitchen destroyed. We have had some ongoing, although periodic trouble with our dishwasher leaking. Jason decided to rip it apart, find the leak and fix it. But of course, he did this before the dishes were done! So the dishwasher is in the middle of the kitchen and dishes are covering the counter. And they didn’t make the dinner I had told them to make, so there was nothing to eat! I just turned around and walked upstairs to change into my pajamas. Jason did make me some leftover chili and I finally crawled into bed.

Yesterday was a great day. It was Jason’s birthday and I was excited to have a real date! I only worked one job, so I got home at 5ish, and he arrived shortly after. CJ also started his new job yesterday and I was excited to hear about that, but he wasn’t due to arrive home until like 8:30. After getting caught up on our neighborhood drama because my neighbor couldn’t even wait until I got out of the car to come tell me the gossip, we left for our night out!

We ate dinner at Lago in Tremont. What a wonderful meal. The food was phenomenal and the service outstanding! I would highly recommend this place! It was almost like we were dating again. There was laughter, romance, food sharing; all the markings of bona fide date night! Being the constant observer of people, I couldn’t help but notice the “couple” at the table next to ours. They were an odd couple to begin with, but their demeanor and behavior made it all the more impossible to resist. I found myself studying them several times throughout the night. He was the quintessential nerd, ipad in hand, and I overheard him talking to the manager about not being able to access their wi-fi. She was a gorgeous black woman, dressed professionally. Odd couple, even in appearance alone. He stared into space most of the evening and she concentrated primarily on her food, occasionally looking at him with an expression that seemed exacerbated to almost disdainful. But they didn’t speak. At all! I couldn’t help but wonder aloud about their story! They didn’t appear to have that almost obvious look of a first date gone terribly wrong, and other than the occasional look of contempt or frustration, they appeared almost like strangers. Jason’s contribution to my musings was that the woman could be an “escort.” He has no imagination, or maybe it’s no interest. Either way, I disproved that theory when she was handed the check for dinner. She signed the receipt, got up and leaned over the table and said something to him, turned and walked out. He followed.

Of course, I do to ask our waiter about this odd couple and he confirmed that they are, in fact, a couple and come to the restaurant all the time! He continued on, telling me that they always act like that. They never interact with one another, they take turns paying, and he typically spends the evening on his ipad or his iphone. He also added that they don’t tip well. It really does take all kinds!

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