Friday, December 28, 2007

Random Ravings

Why is it that the people who clearly do not understand traffic laws are the ones who feel compelled to enforce it??? If you insist on driving the wrong way in the parking lot, please refrain from flashing obscene gestures in my direction when our cars meet!

I have yet again failed to experience the wonder and joy that is the Christmas season. There isn't one ounce of fun involved in shopping during the holidays! I have decided that Christmas shopping should always involve wine. That would make it at least tolerable. How can I get that decreed?

Why isn't there a handicapped zone at the airport? I had to pick my mother and grandmother up from the airport. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, they are both in wheelchairs and had a total of 4 checked bags and 2 carry ons. I debated whether to park or to pick them up at baggage claim. Parking sounded much like the game where you have to get a fox, a chicken, and some corn across the river. I would have made at least 10 trips from the car into the airport and back! So I went the baggage claim route. They can both walk, but ride in a wheel chair when there is any distance involved. My mom met me at the curb and I made several trips into the airport to get the luggage and my grandmother in the wheelchair. All the while the traffic cop is yelling at me that I can't just park there and leave my car! Apparently he has that rare form of blindness that doesn't allow him to see people in wheelchairs! What was I supposed to do??? Maybe my 80 year old, wheelchair bound grandmother really does look like a terrorist! I'm really not an expert on terrorism and I just see her as grandma.

Update on "amazing man:" The pendulum has swung back the other way and he has pulled back again. We have both been really busy with family in town for the holidays, or am I just making excuses for him? I really don't know, but I am way too tired to think about it now. It's been a rough week! I will write more about that later!

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